Carton Flow Racks

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We offers a wide range of Carton Flow Rack systems also termed as gravity flow racks, that serves the need of storage system for various warehouses and mobile storage system. The carton flow racks price are most competitive as compared to our closest competitors, who are also manufacturer of carton flow rack system. The carton flow racks provides and ease of stored inventory rotation and operates on the principle of FIFO (First In First Out). The inclination existing in the structure of the carton flow rack system enhances the product visibility for all retrieval and loading of products in the carton flow racking system. The carton flow rack system separated the loading aisle from the retrieval aisle this allows an efficient picking operation. This is best suited for split case of piece picking.

The add on options with the carton flow rack are impact decks and intermediate supports that restricts the warehouse abuse and provides a secured long-term durability. Furthermore the carton flow racks can be amalgamated with the conveyor system for automated storage solutions an d various other warehouse storage solutions to attain a high efficiency of the complete storage and retrieval operations. A gravity carton flow rack system  may cost a little more than conventional racking system, but has major cost recurring cost saving on labor.

Our brand “GIRAFFE” is an established brand name with global footprints and we have been market leader of carton flow racks manufacturer in India.

Carton flow rack provides high storage density and picking efficiency. 

Static Shelving Pickers spend only 15% of their time doing productive work while Gravity Carton Flow Pickers spend 85% of their time doing productive work.