Push Back Racking System

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Push back racking systems is fabricated in roll or structural form. The push back racks are ideal for bulk storage system, the push back racks have capabilities of storing products that occupy/run several pallets deep (2-5) and also multi-tiered storage. 

The storage mechanism for a push back racks is when a pallet is placed or loaded on the structure, it “pushes” the next pallet back on the rails where it resides. While unloading products in push back racking system, the pallets are unloaded from the rails, they are pushed to the front of the structure. Similar to the drive-in racks, push back racks are loaded using the LIFO system. The push back racking system is most suitable for large storage systems.

The structure of the push back racking system is featured with inclined rails and sliding carts, and are often constructed with double lanes.