Drive In Pallet Racks

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Drive In Pallet Racks as m ost commonly used in drive in storage racking system and also as warehouse drive-in racks. Drive in racking system provides maximum use of space racks as it does not most of the real space available by doing away with aisles between shelves. It is used to store homogenous products that do not require much turnaround. Pallets are loaded on side rails by means of front forklifts.

As mentioned, Drive-In Pallet racking system is designed to mziximize the use of floor space.  Drive-in rac king is quite similar in working principles to block stacking with the exception that the product is not stored on top of the bottom pallet. I a drive in pallet racks, the pallet racking actually holds the pallet above the pallet below.  Drive-in racking is designed in lanes. Various parameter like depth and heigh of the pallet racks depends on the product size and storage heights of the products shelved in drive in  pallet racks. A block of Drive-in racking may be 6 lanes wide x 6 pallets deep and 3 pallets high.  This type of racking is particularly efficient if the product profile is high stock of a low number of sku’s.

Advantage of Drive In Pallet Racking

  • Drive In Pallet Racking System Provides better use of available space
  • Provides more flexibility as there are aisles present between pallets
  • Driven in pallet racking can be use for various stocking and piling for different types of products with same SKU's.