Metal Pallets

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The metal pallet are mostly used as one of the most preferred storage solution for heavy duty storage of predefined size of products in warehouses and industrial storages.We manufacture, metal pallets that are fireproof and rust resistant. Our specially manufacture superior quality of metal Pallets finds its space for material handling use. The metal pallets come with appropriate spacing for forklift to carry the metal pallets loaded with goods.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of MS pallets in India with global customers of our metal pallets. The metal pallets are are fabricated using high grade steel. Our metal pallets are sturdy and can sustain high load with impacts that may occur while material handling. The Metal pallets with brand  name GIRAFFE are renowned for its versatility, durability, simplistic designing and above all the economic viability. Metal Pallets are fabricated with use of high quality steel suplied by trusted sources and leading steel mills.

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